This week in small business: Immigrant success, CEO secrets, easy money making tips

Be inspired by the success of two former busboy immigrants and learn the secrets of successful CEOs. Those are just a small taste of what’s on offer in this week’s collection of curated content. Tank up to finish 2017 strong and burst into 2018 revived and ready to go.

Leadership, management, and productivity

Get your day off to a fast start, check out Sarah Snyder’s 7 Key Physical and Psychological Morning Rituals for Successful Start-Up CEOs.

Laura Emily Dunn sits down with Lisa Malat, VP of Operations and CMO, Barnes & Noble Education, Inc. to get her insights on success and the direction of business today.

If you need to boost your cash flow, Rhonda Abrams lists 12 easy ways to make money in your small business.

Marketing and sales

You have a winner blog post that starts to fall off. Aja Frost’s Hubspot post tells you how to fix the problem before it’s too late.

Fragmented marketing is ineffective. Karthik Krishnan discusses the importance of bringing all your marketing efforts together.

Deep Patel outlines five differences in marketing to Millennials versus Generation Z.

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

Amy K Hutchens gives entrepreneurs two questions to determine when “good enough” really is good enough.

Writing for Forbes, Geri Stengel relates how one woman entrepreneur helps others break through the $1 million revenue barrier.

You’ll be inspired by Nina Roberts’ article on two Albanian immigrant entrepreneurs went from busboys to steakhouse restaurateurs.

Got all the skills required for entrepreneurial success? Anna Powers offers three. ( think the first on her list is often overlooked.)

Need to refuel? Nina Zipkin shares what inspires 22 entrepreneurs to keep them going.