This week in small business: PokemonGo, the marketing of wannabe presidents and other insights

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PokemonGo. Clinton vs Trump. The crash in oil and gas prices. This week’s collection of hand-picked, carefully curated content seems to be greatly influenced by world events. Nonetheless, you’ll find it also greatly beneficial for the success of your small business.

Leadership, management, and productivity

Customer service can be difficult when a business is growing quickly. Here are some hacks you should write down and share with your crew.

Leveraging technology can make it far easier to connect with a mentor. I give you several ways to get it done in this sponsored post.

Review these five quotes. They could make you question your small business strategy.

Have you gone all in with social media customer service? What’s stopping you?

Marketing and sales

Clinton vs Trump. This article looks at the presidential cage match from a marketing point of view.

We couldn’t get by this week without recommending at least one article that talks about PokemonGo and small business. So here it is.

I had summer in mind when MasterCard Biz sponsored me to write this article outlining seven strategies to boost retail sales. And since we’re on the subject, you’ll also get a lot from this article on tracking and monitoring retail sales.

Followers are gold. Mine these 15 ways to get more followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+. That article addresses numbers; this article by John Jantsch focuses on follower loyalty.

Here we have 22 experts on how to tell if your content marketing is actually working. Further, one thing we know is that distribution is a major key to success.

If you do any cross-generational marketing, you’ll want to read this article by Joann Corley.

Mary Walton wrote a very well received guest post for me that details six tips for writing a great sales email.

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

Some startups seem to think that a zero marketing budget is okay. Paul Armstrong examines the issue.

Need ideas? Read how the oil and gas downturn created small business startups.

Politics, government and the economy

Ugh. It looks like small business owners are struggling with a huge wave of regulatory changes in 2016.