This week in small business: Your important questions answered!

You have questions, we have answers. Confused a bit about Google’s local business listings? Sherry Bonelli will set you straight. Wonder what to do when you get into a rut? Hira Ali will “de-rut” you. And, if you question the importance of content marketing, hear what Max Greene has to say.

Leadership, management, and productivity

In a rut? Hira Ali gives us three simple steps to rewire our brains to get them to do what we want then to do.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners need to be able to make decisions on the fly. That’s why I wrote this sponsored post on the most important financial ratios for making quick assessments.

Sometimes a small thing can make the difference between success and failure, says Richard Agu, and he gives us five tips for overcoming common obstacles.

Marketing and sales

Kelly Shelton’s SEO is a Small Business Necessity serves as a great introduction and overview of the various dimensions of SEO that are important to small business owners. And to complement that, check out Sherry Bonelli’s Search Engine Land piece on the common questions local business owners have about “Google My Business.”

Are you hitting the three content-marketing “musts” that Chris Parbey covers in his article for EdgyLabs?

In this audio, Amy Porterfield discusses seven ways she’s collaborated with friends and influencers to boost profits.

If you’re still a doubter, you need to check out Max Greene’s article on why content marketing is so important for growing your business.

Free is good! 10 of the most effective, free online marketing tactics, by Hazel Jarrett.

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

Jen Hacker tells us the story of entrepreneur Melissa Mash whose success was “in the bag” once she set out to solve a problem she faced every day.

It’s a sad reality for many entrepreneurs: depression. Sanchita Dash offers ideas on how to fight it.