Check out this simple trick to turn the Amazon search engine into actionable intelligence

When we think of online searches, we think of Google, but Amazon is right up there with the biggest search engines and, in fact, more than half of all product searches begin on Amazon.

However, if you sell anything that is also sold on Amazon, I’d like to suggest special way you can take advantage of Amazon’s search feature: Search for your products and then closely examine all the items Amazon says were purchased together with each product of yours.

Do you offer those items? Do your sales associates understand how these various items relate to each other? You can use this information to merchandise your store better and also train your team to cross sell.

Also, look at the “After viewing this item, customers bought…” This tells you that there may be a similar item that is proving to be more popular with buyers than what you are offering. Maybe it’s a higher-priced product with more bells and whistles. That could increase your profit margins.

For example, I did an Amazon search for the popular NutriBullet blender and below you’ll find some of the items that were purchased along with it on amazon.

You can see from this graphic that a number of recipe books and accessories are popular items that sell in tandem with the blender. If you sold the NutriBullet blender or a similar item, this would give you good insights into which companion books are most likely to sell well.

Do your team members have some slack time on their hands? Giving them a list of products to look up on Amazon and note related items in a spreadsheet would be a good exercise. You could then take the information they uncover and analyze your merchandising. It would also give your employees an introduction to cross selling and upselling.