Discover what happens when ‘Love It or List It’ collides with the small business world

What would the cable TV love child of CNBC’s The Profit and HGTV’s Love It or List It look like?

I think it would look pretty much like A&E’s new program, Save It or Sell It. The new reality series features Robert Hirsch and Eric Casaburi. The pair visit struggling businesses whose ownership is torn between throwing in the towel and cashing out, and revitalizing their businesses.

Along with being aired on A&E, you may find it on the History Channel and FYI. It debuted at 11 p.m. on Nov. 5, so it looks like the programming heads are taking a very cautious approach to their commitment.

For casual viewers – and business owners interested in gleaning some tips from the two experts – I would recommend scouring your listings right now to find an episode. When I last checked, it looked like they were rebroadcasting their original episode a few more times. I’m not sure when (and if) new episodes will be released.

I don’t know if the show will make it in the long run, but I need to say that it heartens me to see reality programming that revolves around businesses, both large and small. I say this for two reasons:

  • In scripted TV shows and movies, businesses are typically portrayed as the villain; shows like Save It or Sell It, The Profit, and Undercover Boss show the human and community-building sides of business.
  • With business failures outnumbering business startups in recent years, we need more inspiring stories about people who are willing to pursue their ideas. We need to rekindle the entrepreneurship spark.

Casaburi mixed his passion for fitness with his entrepreneurial spirit to found Retro Fitness back in 2004. The chain of fitness clubs now does $150 million in yearly revenue. Hirsch was in on the first dot-com boom, founded Adventure Central, and has a portfolio of seven companies that span direct-response marketing and technology.

Show your support and get a few tips along the way: Check your local listings!