How to make your blog posts breed like rabbits

Wouldn’t it be a great trick if you could turn one blog post into 10 blog posts?

Using a gallery post can accomplish something quite similar to that kind of magic.

I know that you’ve seen these posts. They are most often used to show you the pictures of 10 child stars and how they look today or similar posts. However, they can be used to deliver useful information – they don’t have to be totally relegated to the click-bait world.

Almost any list post can be translated into a click-through gallery. Here’s the magic: When you post a standard list post, your visitors see one page on your website. When you make a gallery out of the list post, every time they click to see the “next” image, it’s almost like they are seeing another page.

You need to have images to accompany your points, but they don’t need to be literal “how-to” images, they can simply set the mood for the points you’re making. Further, not every slide in your gallery needs to be a pure image. You can use type as well. Here’s a quick example of using a general illustration to express an idea, then using the same illustration as a background to make an editorial point:

Below is a gallery post I recently came across that illustrates some important concepts and benefits. When you plan a gallery post, lay out your page in a way that keeps your social sharing buttons always in view. Maybe the fifth image or point you make will be the one that triggers the urge to share in your visitor.

Further, if you run ads on your page, make sure they are always within sight. On a regular blog page, when readers scroll, sometimes the ads and the social share buttons disappear from view – or they are located at the bottom of the page and the reader may not even get that far!

Do you have some list posts on your site already? Why not revisit those and see which ones can be easily converted into a gallery post. And, if you don’t have time to do this yourself, find a freelancer who will put them together for you. A good freelancer will simply need the URLs of the posts you want translated into a gallery to pull off your project.