Make the Rounds with Small Biz Savior Marcus Lemonis on ‘The Profit’

The Profit with Marcus Lemonis

We’ve all seen medical dramas on television where students are in an operating theater observing a delicate operation being performed by a team of crack surgeons.

They learn by watching experienced professionals go through the procedure.

That’s the feeling we get when we watch Marcus Lemonis, star of CNBC’s “The Profit” swoop in and save struggling small businesses. We are able to watch small business life-saving surgery. Sometimes it’s bloody. There’s pain. Usually there’s a recovery that leaves the patient healthier than before the operation.

The show’s fourth season begins October 28, 2015. Previous seasons are available for streaming on Unfortunately, they aren’t included among the free content you get as a member of Amazon Prime.

I originally wrote about Marcus Lemonis and “The Profit” back in August 2013 when the show was just starting out. That post has continued to be one of the most popular on my site. That demonstrates the continued interest in small business turnaround strategies, so I think “The Profit” should have a very long run on CNBC with Marcus Lemonis at the helm…unless he decides to run for office like another successful businessman/reality TV star we all know about! If that happens, CNBC might have to find a different host for “The Profit.”

In an interview Lemonis did with Inc, he says that one reason he first decided to do “The Profit” was so he could see more deals first hand. This is also one of the reasons small business owners would be smart to watch “The Profit.”

When you train at any new job, the first thing you usually do is tag around with an experienced hand. You go on sales calls with the best sales professionals. If you’re learning to wait tables in a restaurant, you shadow a seasoned member of the wait staff.

However, as the owner of a small business, you are usually the most experienced person in virtually every aspect of your operation. Where can you go to see how others do it? Sitting down and watching “The Profit” with Marcus Lemonis gives you an opportunity to see how the business world operates beyond the walls of your company.

I know I’m looking forward to where he takes us this season and I hope you are too. By the way, if you think you’d like to appear with Marcus Lemonis on “The Profit,” you’ll find the application form on this web page.

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