My Quest: How to Find Out Who Is Muting You on Twitter

twitter mute

I’ve written once before about the Twitter mute feature. It allows a Twitter user to omit someone’s tweets from the home feed.

Of course, if you’re tweeting to build your brand and do some social media marketing, you don’t want your followers muting you. That’s why you need to keep the content you post relevant and engaging.

Once people understand what the Twitter mute feature does, often the next question is: How can I tell if someone is muting me on Twitter?

My short answer to that short question is to tell you that there’s no sure way to tell. Twitter created the mute feature to let you essentially unfollow someone without making you go through a public divorce and eventually get unfollowed in return.

I’ve read about possible ways to discover the people muting you and I’ve tested most of them. They don’t work. You see, even when someone has muted you, they still see any tweet you send that includes their Twitter handle. Also, if you send a direct message that says, “Hey, have you muted me?” The person will see it and can simply say no.

Therefore, the only kind-of-sort-of possible way to find out is to use their real name in a tweet, repeat the tweet at various times, and see if you get a response. You might tweet something like, “John Doe wrote an excellent blog at Check it out!” and see if John Doe acknowledges the mention. (I think you can come up with a more “response commanding” tweet than my example.)

If you have found a way to discover who’s muting your tweets, share it with our readers in the comments section. Also, do you have any other cool Twitter tricks up your sleeve?

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