Steal this free promotional idea from your local theater group to boost page views


No matter how small your town is, there’s a good chance you have some local performing art groups.

This could be a local theater group or a dance company, for example. If you pay attention throughout the year, you’ll notice that they all use a tried-and-true promotional strategy to sell more tickets: They often stage productions that use large numbers of local children.

A nearby dance company probably stages The Nutcracker every Christmas season and that gives them the perfect opportunity to flood the stage with children. This really delivers a marketing and ticket sales boost because all the parents and a lot of the relatives and friends of these kids will attend one (or more!) of the performances.

Get more website visitors

If you do content marketing via a blog, you can adapt this strategy and pull in a lot more visitors to your site. Here’s what you do:

When you start to do online research on a topic to write about, keep a list of related articles that you find. Narrow these down to the ones that you think are best. The idea is to recommend one or more of these articles within the body of the article you plan to write. When you have your top candidates, research the authors. You want to discover two things:

  • The author’s email address, and
  • The size of the author’s social media following.

If the author has no presence in the social media, or it looks like you can’t get in touch with the author, you probably won’t want to reference that author’s article in the piece you are planning to write. And, you’ll probably want to give a little extra weight in your choices to authors that have a good social media following. (By the way, if you can’t find an email address, in some cases you can communicate through Twitter.)

It’s possible that the author will also be the owner of the website, so you can create a free account at Ruzzit to find a good email address to use. If the author doesn’t own the website where the article appeared, you’ll need to do a little digging. There’s a good chance the author has his or her own website or an account on LinkedIn. A Google search like John Smith email may turn out to be your best bet, unless you want to use a paid service.

Contact the referenced authors

Once you have selected one or more articles to reference, write your article and include a positive mention and link to the article or articles that you found and publish it. After it has been published, email the authors (and maybe the website owners as well). Tell them how much you enjoyed their articles. Mention that you recommended their articles in something you just published (give them a link to your piece) and you would appreciate it if they could mention it to their social media followers.

This is a painless and virtually no-cost way to get more visitors to your site. Make it part of your standard operating procedure!