This week in small business: Africa, online dating, walking, and the oncoming recession…

This week’s collection includes entrepreneurial encouragement from Africa, important SEO guidance, a strong case for clarity (and walking!), tapping into online dating strategies, and much more.

Leadership, management, and productivity

Annie Pilon succinctly outlines 10 little things you can do to tweak your small business for big business results.

Do you have clarity? No, really, do you? Check out Ann Latham’s article on how disclarity is killing your productivity before you commit to an answer.

Sara Gilbert delivers an essay on practical “steps” to success. Literally. She suggests walking!

I appreciate contrarian views and that’s what Steve Dennis gives us when he makes the case that e-commerce isn’t retail’s biggest disruptor.

Patrick Bet-David teaches the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and personal development and in this Entrepreneur video, he talks about 12 ways smart people fail at business.

Liz Elting makes a strong case for creating women-friendly workplaces in her Forbes article.

Marketing and sales

Are your customers in love with you? Maybe you need to steal a few marketing strategies from the online dating industry, as detailed by Joshua Pompey.

If you need a quick overview of the important pillars of SEO, Ankur Shah offers it in his ValueWalk article. And while we’re on the topic of SEO, you need to hear what Aleh Barysevich has to say about defending yourself against negative SEO.

Brooke B. Sellas asks – and answers – the question, “Is the ‘be everywhere’ approach a smart online marketing strategy?

You don’t need big-name influencers to make millions online through influencer marketing, says Jonathan Long, the founder of Market Domination Media.

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

Do you want your next business venture to be online? If so, Parker Davis has five ideas to get you started.

Wanna-be founders are always asking about grants. Deborah Sweeney offers advice in her article on the GoDaddy blog.

In this episode of the Shopify Masters podcast, Kimberly Aya talks about how she got her rental cakes into 1,000 grocery stores. (Yes, I said rental cakes.)

Stop following your passion when it’s a dead end, says Deep Patel, on his way to busting seven big success myths.

I’m not Nigerian royalty looking for someone to help me claim millions of dollars, but I would like to steer you toward Victoria Onehi’s article detailing how many (40 percent!) Nigerian women are becoming entrepreneurs.

And if you need more entrepreneurial encouragement, check out Kevin Kruse’s article on four real-world secrets to entrepreneurial success.

Politics, government, and the economy

Despite the gridlock in D.C., Jake Rennie says that Americans are still optimistic about the economy. But are they wrong? Conor Sen speculates on how the recovery will end.