This week in small business: And you thought ‘The Shining’ was scary!

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Are entrepreneurs quaking in their boots? Are they out looking for trouble? This week’s collection of curated small business content looks at those questions!

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

See if you think this article is an entrepreneur’s version of The Shining: Does this keep you up at night? In a somewhat similar vein, this Salesforce blog suggests that great entrepreneurs go looking for trouble!

Beauty entrepreneur Jennifer Walsh believes that risks are key to building your brand. Find out why in this Forbes article by Anushay Hossain.

Leadership, management, and productivity

Many of you will find the advice here quite useful: “How to Present a Compelling Argument When You’re Not Naturally Persuasive,” by Karla Cook.

Hal Elrod is an entrepreneur who wakes up at 3:30 a.m. ready to go for it. If you want to know his secrets, you’ll find them in this CNBC article.

A company is the sum of its people, so be sure you’re hiring this kind of person.

Mike Kappel explains how to evaluate your small business and plan for those important but expensive big purchases.

From data encryption to training your employees, this article gives you a good foundation in security measures to protect your small business from a cyber attack.

Marketing and sales

It’s no surprise that it’s harder than ever for marketers to break through the noise and earn customer attention and that’s why these marketing secrets will probably “change your game.”

There are a lot of apps and SaaS on the web. Carmelo Hannity tells you how to choose the right SEO tools for your small business.

In this ShopifyPlus blog, Nick Winkler explains how a Chinese entrepreneur with no technical expertise outmaneuvered big box stores to launch a $3-million-a-month fashion brand.

As bright as they are, there are still five things CEOs don’t get about influencer marketing.

Want to improve your SEO rankings? Melanie Green suggests answering common questions.

Writing for USA Today, Steve Strauss looks at what makes a good press release (and a bad one) to help you get free publicity for your small business. (Steve knows what he’s talking about!)