This week in small business: Are you addicted to entrepreneurship?

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Discover how entrepreneurship is an addiction, content marketing is more than writing, and why women-owned businesses are on the rise. – these, and more (even a movie review!), in this week’s collection of curated content.

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

Grant Cardone says that great entrepreneurs are addicts. See if you agree.

Have you heard of the movie “Generation Startup”? Andrew Yang claims that it’s the best movie about entrepreneurship he’s ever seen. Thumbs up?

I love the idea behind this article: “7 successful entrepreneurs share the advice they’d give to their 20-year-old selves.”

Leadership, management, and productivity

Women-owned businesses are on the rise. See how they are outpacing other groups and explore the value of being certified as women-owned.

This Hiscox survey summarizes what’s top of mind for small business owners right now. Have they captured your thinking?

Need some practical advice on managing your inventory? This Tim Aldred article will help.

Jessica Schiele, Cohab interim executive director, believes that collaboration is central to small business success and offers some excellent, actionable advice.

It’s not often you get a complete video-based course for free. SAP and I have teamed up to offer this one on how to build outrageously successful businesses from scratch.

Marketing and sales

The world of B2B marketing has changed and old strategies often don’t work today. Here are five hot areas to investigate if you’re in the B2B world.

Is your brand creating a ruckus? Emily Culclasure makes the case for market disruption.

If you still consider sales and marketing separate, you’re way behind the times and you need to check out this Ian Altman article in Forbes.

Content marketing is about more than writing. It’s about creating and distributing content. Sujan Patel covers “five surprising skills” you need in a content marketer.

This Salesforce blog introduces you to the company’s new “benefit calculator” and asks if Salesforce is worth it for small business.

Gabrielle Pfeiffer interviews founder Binu Girija on how small businesses can attract and keep customers.

Even if you think you have all your marketing bases covered, you should do a quick check against this article on seven marketing tactics you need to be using in 2016.

Need to get up to speed on backlink building? Lilach Bullock delivers the essentials in this guide to link building for SEO.