This Week in Small Business: Cash in on the extensive research of others…

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Ride on the shoulders of others! Read what Archana Madhavan learned during four years of non-stop data analysis. Discover what Zz Twainy found when he reviewed some 600 pitch decks!

Leadership, management and productivity

Don’t fly blind. Connect with a mentor ASAP – technology makes it easy.

Be sure you include these seven operational details whenever you write a business plan.

Find out how Airbnb scales its organizational culture and customer experience.

Both free and paid accounting software is available. Read this so you can make the right choice for your small business.

More than a fourth of all websites are powered by WordPress. Find out how to prevent your WordPress site from getting hacked.

Check out these three social media customer service tips to keep your customers smiling.

Let Archana Madhavan do your data analysis for you. Here’s what he learned from four years of pouring over the numbers.

Marketing and sales

The web is getting crowded with content and marketers wanting to push people to a landing page. Find out why your strategy isn’t effective.

With the right social media automation, you can multiply yourself. Rebekah Radice offers five smart ways to do it.

Since almost everyone is on Facebook, these tips to increase your reach can be quite valuable. And while you’re at it, be sure you aren’t making the top five Facebook marketing mistakes.

If you’re marketing to women, remember that age is just a number.

Wharton professor David Bell gives tips on marketing your small business using Facebook, geofencing, and eBay in this Philly-dot-com article.

Here are 17 simple growth tactics you can try implementing next month to fuel growth at your ecommerce business.

Don’t miss these 10 Snapchat secrets every small business marketer should know.

Do you get writer’s block when you sit down to knock out a blog? These six strategies will help you pump variety into your blog.

Have you ever considered that split testing could help boost the performance of your content marketing campaigns? Need to know how to do it? Read this.

Entrepreneurship, startups and innovation

It looks like women entrepreneurs may be on the forefront of gender equality in the business world.

Read this Venture Beat piece to see what Zz Twainy learned from reviewing 600 pitch decks.

Politics, government and the economy

It’s not every day you get to tell Congress about the problems facing small business owners. Here’s what I said when I had my chance.