This Week in Small Business: Focus on Email and Market to Baby Boomers

There’s so much good news and information this week on email marketing that you should be able to give your sales a major kick in the pants. On the economic front, the new is so-so, but there are a couple of interesting items that sing the praises of the now-aging Baby Boomers.

Marketing and sales

smartphone tablet email public domainJerry Daykin, global digital director at Dentsu Aegis Network, contends that the real marketing loss is old-fashioned skills, not the so-called “digital gap.”

Josh Haynam runs down 32 lead generation ideas that will inspire you as you develop your next marketing campaigns.

A strong dose of “native advertising” might be just what the doctor ordered to revive your content marketing campaigns.

Social media and SEO

Described here are 16 social media tools every marketer should be familiar with.

Are we witnessing the final death throes of advertising? It might be all SEO and social media from here on out, right?

You may not have the same advertising and marketing budgets as the big brands, but you can certainly compete in SEO.

Folding testimonials into your advertising and marketing is a powerful tool. Here are four ways to use Twitter to pump up your online credibility.

Redesigning your website? Don’t make these five common SEO mistakes.

Email marketing

This Yoast article will introduce you to the different kinds of emails your online shop needs to be sending – recovery, retention, related products, and rewards.

Tried and true: Email is consistently the highest revenue-generating marketing channel. Here are insights from Venture Beat.

There are a few critical steps in email marketing to build brand awareness. Ryan Pinkham of Constant Contact lays them out very clearly.

Cynthia Price, marketing director at Emma, describes three ways brand publishers can use email marketing.

Leadership, management and productivity

There’s not much room for error when hiring the customer support team for your small business. Here are the qualities to look for.

Have you kept up with all the ways content marketing is changing the way companies do public relations work? Be sure you’re current.

There are great options available today in time tracking software that can give you the information you need to control costs.

Test your small business tax knowledge. Have you bought into any of the five “myths” outlined in this article?

If you don’t have any experience with conversion on your website, you need to study all the basics that Jose Vasquez discusses.

In this 6-minute video, Jeff Walker talks about the connection between rejuvenation and productivity.

Don’t mistake these seven good reasons for making your next business meeting a “walk” as another way to say, “Take a hike!”

If exporting is a possibility for you, check out this SBA page for information and some video success stories.

Women, you’re even more behind the eight ball when it comes to retirement than the men. You’ll find the problems faced as well as the solutions in this Kiplinger article. Also of special interest to women is this run down of business expansion grants.

Can you relate? Kim Siever list five things he hates about working for himself but also goes into six things he loves about working for himself. (Love has a one point lead…)

Great employee support is the foundation of great customer support. Are you giving your team the support it needs?

Government, politics and the economy

Determining the direction of the economy is sometimes as confusing as when Dorothy asked the Scarecrow for directions to the Emerald City in “The Wizard of Oz.” Economist Panos Mourdoukoutas sorts out some facts about the US and Chinese economies.

Texas has been the big driver of job growth in recent years and a survey says that small business confidence there is booming. Will the oil price drop eventually damper this enthusiasm?

Even though there are signs that the US economy is on the mend, small and independent businesses remain guarded about expanding and adding jobs.

Entrepreneurism, startups and innovation

Michael Hyatt says it’s possible to succeed as an entrepreneur and not blow up your marriage in the process. If you have a significant other, see what he has to say.

The top 20 reasons startups fail range from “no market need” to “failure to pivot.” Hear what failed founders have to say about their flounders.

Who do you think make the best entrepreneurs, the young bucks or the seasoned veterans? The answer may surprise you.

This Tech Cocktail article by Rick Delgado explores ways wearable tech may impact your small business.

LiftFund is a nonprofit lender to small and micro businesses. Bill Lodge discusses how some New Orleans’ owners have benefited from its loans.

Putting one foot in the grave today can make you a better entrepreneur and a happier person…or so says Thomas Koulopoulos, founder of the Delphi Group.

Neil Patel makes a strong case for not stopping with one startup. You should have multiple businesses that you are developing.

Starting a conversation at a networking event can be a daunting task for some. Etiquette expert Jacqueline Whitmore offers some tips.

Forget the coveted younger demographic. For startup success, tap into the Baby Boomer market.

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