This week in small business: Greek philosophy and in praise of living with your parents!

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It’s not every day (in fact there hasn’t been any day that I can remember) that Stoicism is discussed on these pages. We change that up today.

Zeno of Citium would be proud.

You’ll also discover great marketing tips and why young entrepreneurs should be living at home…and going to cocktail parties. (No joke.)

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

Are you familiar with the ancient Greek Stoicism philosophy? This article says there are seven Stoic principles every entrepreneur should embrace.

Natalie Clarkson explores how some young entrepreneurs have found success. It involves inspiration, innovation, and advice.

Are you networking your tail off by attending conferences, expos, and the occasional cocktail party? Federico Guerrini says it’s time well spent in this Forbes piece.

Hey entrepreneur! Still living in your old room at your parents’ house? Neil Patel says you’re on the right track!

Marketing and sales

Although Ben Lobel is writing for the Brits, his case for why small businesses need a streamlined marketing strategy applies almost universally today.

How about focusing on topics rather than keywords? Matthew Barby thinks that’s the way to go.

Nessica Davis outlines five often overlooked ways to transform your existing written content into visual content.

Leadership, management, and productivity

This Huffington Post article by Laura Dunn is a wealth of info on STEM, education, business, and women in business. Dunn has more women in business insights in this interview with Elena Hansen.

Don’t miss Amanda Brinkman’s small business Q&A with Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec.

Great communication is essential for great success. Be sure you aren’t making any of these communication mistakes.