This Week in Small Business: How Zoolander uses Instagram for marketing!

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Not long ago it was the new Star Wars movie that was teaching us lessons about marketing. This week it’s Zoolander offering some insights about using Instagram. The lessons don’t stop there, however – even the New York Public Library has some recommendations for the small business owner!

Marketing and sales

Blue Steel or Le Tigre, which is the best Zoolander patented pose? I can’t decide, but I do know that Zoolander created an Instagram marketing model that small business owners can learn from.

Have an ecommerce site? Have a blog? If not, here’s why you need one ASAP and ideas to get yours rolling.

The competition on social media is ferocious. You need these 15 tips to help you find success.

Is SEO still relevant today? How about tomorrow? And how do SEO and SEM differ? Hector E. Cisneros sorts out the answers.

Looking for more marketing ideas you can pull off on a limited budget? Here’s some good advice.

If you want to control your sales and marketing budget, you need to automate. Here are the critical components of a successful automation solution. And this Marketing Land article by Brian Massey will help you visualize your “marketing machine.”

Stay ahead of your competitors by leveraging these six important 2016 content marketing trends.

Leadership, management and productivity

We took special note of “Fun at Work Day” recently, but I think my readers are convinced that having fun at work is a goal and attitude that should last all year long. Get inspired.

If you’re always stuck in the vortex of the tornado, you can’t see which way is up. The three simple leadership and management strategies here will help give you the clarity you need to make the right decisions.

The overall customer experience is separating winners and losers today. Here are five key tools to make your small business a customer experience leader. Also, keeping your customer feedback strategy on track will help with this goal.

If you’re in a small business rut, these books recommended by the New York Public Library will help you break out.

Entrepreneurship, startups and innovation

Go inside the Goldman Sachs “10,000 Small Businesses” program in this collection of Forbes “must read” articles.

Learn how an Army veteran built a million-dollar business selling electric-assisted bicycles.

Want to know how much time and personal funds entrepreneurs and small business owners put into their companies? This article paints the picture.

There has been a lot of attention on Uber and the peer-to-peer model in general. One article asks if it will change welfare, another wonders if drivers will organize.

Politics, government and the economy

Healthcare is probably the biggest concern for small business owners as they plan for their futures. This NFIB infographic captures the picture pretty well.

In other NFIB news, Executive Director Karen Harned writes that the Department of Labor is trying to deprive small businesses of legal representation.