This Week in Small Business: Influencer, storyteller, social media, Millennial marketing and more!

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If you’re hunting for marketing advice, look no further. This week’s collection of curated content delivers email, social media, influencer, storytelling, and even Millennial marketing insights and tips.

Leadership, management, and productivity

It’s never a mistake to explore new ways to save money in a small business and you might be able to implement some of the five ideas here.

Selling a small business is not always easy. These five steps will be helpful as you start the process or prepare for a sale.

One thing is for sure: Don’t emulate some of the big telecoms if you want to boost employee engagement in order to improve your customer service.

Unless you’re Joseph Campbell, you don’t want to build your business around myths, so you owe it to yourself to review these seven common customer experience myths.

Marketing and sales

If you’re like me, you’re working hard to understand the Millennials (we need to get beyond the clichés). This SproutSocial article helps.

Check out the 30 excellent social media marketing articles in this curated content. And if you need even more advice, 215 influencers and experts reveal their worst influencer marketing mistakes.

Free is good, so carefully read this article on how to build website or blog traffic for free.

To be a great marketer today you have to be a good storyteller: here’s why.

If you want to do a better job promoting your small business website, check out what these 39 experts have to say on the subject. (The 39 Steps?)

Tony Delmercado, COO of Hawke Media, says there’s a good chance you’re doing email marketing wrong. You better find out.

Entrepreneurship, startups and innovation

The women in Montana are a special bunch and with the two small businesses she runs, Shannon Alt-Olsson is a great example to study for inspiration.

Politics, government and the economy

Ready to look at politics in a new light? Tina Zwolinski says they can teach you a lot about marketing.

Can something get accomplished in an election year? Let’s follow the progress of the Bring Small Businesses Back Tax Reform Act.