This week in small business: Insurance, Indigenous entrepreneurs, Instagram and more

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We start off this week’s collection of curated content with – believe it or not – looking at a couple of online tools that take put convenience back into buying insurance. We also point you to some very fascinating and useful articles – including one about some Indigenous women entrepreneurs in Australia.

Leadership, management, and productivity

I give a detailed review of a useful new small business health insurance website in this article I wrote for UnitedHealthcare.

And speaking of insurance, need help untangling the small business web of insurance coverage? This free online tool will prove to be a major help.

Christine D’Mello shows how innovating your way through a small budget can lead to huge returns.

Angel investor Janet Kraus explains why hearing a potential customer say “no” can lead you to making better business decisions.

Wonder how women in business operated back in the early 20th century when it was even more of a man’s world? This article will give you some important insights. Just as interesting is this story on some very resourceful Indigenous women entrepreneurs in Australia.

Survival isn’t easy for a small business, so these five financial survival tips could prove very useful to your future.

Marketing and sales

Need even more online marketing tips and advice? Check out the 10 experts mentioned in this Fox News article.

Aja Frost delivers a step-by-step guide to optimizing each part of a sales email.

Outlined here are the important metrics of social media that should always tracked and measured for marketing success.

Is your Twitter marketing strategy stuck in 2015? Here are five features you may be lacking.

Can’t get your Instagram marketing off the ground? Be inspired by the creativity of these 25 fantastic brands.

That old thing called outbound marketing still works. Here’s why.

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

If you’re organizing a startup or would like to work for one, this piece in Fortune offers a good perspective.

Don’t want to completely ditch your day job? Here’s how you can be a part-time entrepreneur.

If you understand why entrepreneurs struggle to scale their businesses, it will give you a better chance at success.

The word itself – DevOps – is a little obscure. It represents “development and operations and here’s what every entrepreneur needs to know about it.

Politics, government, and the economy

Presidential candidates take notice (please!): Regulations are suffocating small businesses.