This week in small business: Learn from the failures of others…

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Two entrepreneurs share their failures in this week’s cornucopia of curated content. The wise will learn from their missteps. On the positive side, you can build your knowledge with some great books and we have several articles that offer solid marketing advice. Dig in.

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

In this Forbes interview, serial entrepreneur Ryan Blair shares four lessons he learned from bankruptcy. Continuing in that vein, here are five regrets of a failed entrepreneur.

Here’s an overview of five books by women entrepreneurs that will give you a big helping of inspiration.

One entrepreneurship mantra is to “move fast and break things.” Well, things cost money, so here’s something to think about before you start moving that fast.

Leadership, management, and productivity

Want to get the most creativity out of your marketers? Check out these office setups.

Annie Pilon lists 10 often overlooked elements of running a successful business.

Women: Here are two questions to ask when you feel intimidated by male colleagues.

Marketing and sales

Hands across the water! Facebook debuts new tools and features to help small businesses expand globally.

Steve Jobs didn’t have an MBA, but nonetheless, there are things you can learn from Apple’s marketing…10 things according to Chirag Kulkarni.

Omnichannel. It’s more than a buzzword – it’s what is driving the future of marketing.

This Outbrain article not only delivers some wonky graphics, it has some good advice regarding the intersection of content marketing and SEO.

Writing for the Harvard Business Review, Mark Kovac makes the point that the good sales teams are the ones that know when to stop selling.