This Week in Small Business: Let’s Keep Score on the 2016 Predictions!

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Articles over the last month or so have been looking back to 2015. This week many writers are making their predictions for 2016.

Would someone please keep score and report back?

Leadership, management and productivity

Small business owners have been having trouble finding good employees for quite some time. Learn how to use employer brand management to attract top talent.

In today’s environment retailers must constantly improve their customer experience. Here are ways to smartly approach this challenge. Moving forward, an important element will be providing great customer service to Millennials.

We’re facing something of a retirement predicament. Here’s how small business can help close the retirement gap.

Check your small business 2016 resolutions against this list of 16 items.

Do you have your IRS forms yet? The IRS says it’s time to order them.

Marketing and sales

You certainly won’t use all of the 153 SEO tools on this list, but you should at least give it a quick once-over and find the best for your small business. And speaking of search, get yourself up-to-date on the current trends.

In this MarketingDive article, 16 insiders tell us what they see happening in digital marketing in 2016.

Get the most mileage out of your small business content marketing materials by using LinkedIn publisher.

Is yours a B2B small business? If so, you need to review these 2016 trends and predictions.

If you’re new to online marketing, this overview will get you the basics in a hurry.

Reeta Gupta, founder of The Network, weighs in with her top five 2016 content marketing trends.

Commandments always come in groups of 10. Here are 10 for customer engagement via your content marketing.

Entrepreneurship, startups and innovation

If you’re launching a startup (or new) website, you’ll want Google to index it immediately. Here’s how.

Startup equity investing is not just for the super-rich and that should create a lot of opportunities for both entrepreneurs and average investors.

Politics, government and the economy

Even before the stock market tanked in recent days, growth in the U.S. economy looked pretty frail.