This Week in Small Business: Looking back and looking forward for tips and tactics

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Looking back over 2015 and projecting forward over 2016 give us some interesting and informative articles this week. Also, be sure to catch the NFIB video on why it’s great to be a small business owner – that may be the best way to start your year.

Leadership, management and productivity

There have been a lot of good 2015 roundups in recent weeks. This one from Gene Marks should give you some inspiration and guidance going into 2016.

Should you be outsourcing your content creation and distribution? Here are the tradeoffs.

If you need some great quotes to propel you into 2016, you’ll find them in this article.

Dealing with health insurance issues is something that will never go away. This piece from Zane Benefits covers what small business owners need to know about health insurance reimbursement.

Marketing and sales

In the tech world, the website Medium is one of the go-to content marketing sites. Find out if it would work for you and your small business.

We hate traffic on our commutes, but love it on our small business blogs. Check out these three blog traffic growth hacking tips.

If you want to get a good handle on creating word-of-mouth advertising, you need to understand the three types of audiences that drive it.

Have a new website? Be sure you have this SEO checklist covered.

Forget about “get to the gym more often,” these seven marketing resolutions are probably more important – and more realistic – for the new year.

Sometimes celebrities have the most shocking marketing strategies and maybe small business owners can learn a few things from them.

Entrepreneurship, startups and innovation

Barnaby Lashbrooke, founder and CEO of Time etc, says that freelancers are the key to increasing startup activity. John Rampton also has a lot to say about freelancers and startups.

This short video from NFIB tells us why it’s great to be a small business owner. It’s good to remind ourselves of these personal and professional rewards.

Politics, government and the economy

It’s time to read the tea leaves for the 2016 economy and there are some indications that small business hiring trends spell bad news. On the other hand, female small business owners seem like they’re pretty upbeat.

The NFIB takes a good look at the big issues poised to impact small business in 2016.