This week in Small Business: Marketing tips from big biz, how to cope with startup stress and more

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Tips this week are inspired by binge viewing Netflix, writing a novel, competing with LinkedIn, becoming totally obsessed and more. Scan the topics here and dive into a few of the articles to increase your small business edge.

Leadership, management and productivity

Here is advice that is sooo 2015: 12 things you can do for your small business while you’re binge watching Netflix!

Since this is more of a “why to” article than “how to” article on social media, I’m putting it under management. In any case, if you aren’t all-in on social media, here’s what your missing out on.

Some millennials don’t have the right attitude toward work, says J.T. O’Donnell, and this is causing them to get fired. Employers and millennials both need to read this article.

When creating the ideal customer experience becomes an obsession – not merely an item on a to-do list – it can have a powerful organizing effect on your company, says Shep Hyken.

Marketing and sales

Joe Calloway is a performance coach and advisor who helps great companies get even better. In my One Percent Club podcast he tells how to attract new business like a magnet.

Your prospects get turned off when they find themselves staring at big blocks of text. (Notice how I keep these paragraphs short?) These eight ways to use visuals in your small business content marketing will prove beneficial.

Are you using direct mail? If you need inspiration, here’s how one tech unicorn became a billion-dollar startup via direct mail.

The five low-to-no-cost marketing tips in this article will serve virtually any small business well. (Don’t miss the Yelp review badge idea at the bottom.)

Big businesses started out as small businesses, so they must be doing some things right. Jeffrey Hayzlett shares some big business marketing tips for small business owners.

Entrepreneurship, startups and innovation

Male entrepreneurs are 86 percent more likely to be VC funded than their female counterparts and men are 59 percent more likely to secure angel investment. Shivvy Jervis looks at the reasons.

You think all the good social media ideas have been taken? If so, you need to read about these two guys who have launched a startup intended to be the LinkedIn of small business.

Entrepreneurship requires a whole lot of mental energy. Understanding these five emotional challenges you’ll face will improve your chances at success.

Need more guidance on the best way to get your small business or startup up on its feet and growing? Think of it like writing a novel.

Politics, government and the economy

The US House of Representatives recently voted to increase the SBA’s lending authorization ceiling to $23.5 billion for the 7(a) loan guaranty program. Brock Blake explains why that’s such a good thing for small business.

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