This Week in Small Business: Rev Up Your Brainpower


Last week we learned why your landing pages should be naked and your prefrontal cortex should be pampered…and much more.

Social media

Jason Meyers, Founder and CEO of AudienceBloom, explains the difference between community management and social media marketing and why it’s so important.

team people public domainSometimes good examples are better than detailed instructions. That’s the strong suit of this article on social media marketing. And if you like great instructions, this article on Twitter engagement lays them out.

Here’s a rundown of how several small business owners are dealing with the small business policy changes at Facebook.


Mobile and local

It looks like proximity marketing is set to explode and that is reflected in this UK survey. And for a comprehensive view on how to leverage the full spectrum of your customers’ mobile activities, Adobe’s Mickael Bentz offers this rundown.

Content marketing

If you haven’t yet established a blog for your business, here are the essential steps to make it a good one.

Greg Shuey, Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist at Stryde suggests ways to shorten the sales cycle through content marketing.

Online marketing

If you think that all your ecommerce marketing should be focused online, you would be wrong, says Katherine Halek in Entrepreneur.

Those of you looking for fresh ways to approach your digital marketing should consider the six alternatives suggested in this Forbes article.

Seriously, if you really want to up the conversion on your landing pages, try going naked.

Sales and Marketing

Agile marketing is the rage today, but is it compatible with “big ideas”? It’s possible that short-term tactics may kill long-term strategies.

Is there a lack a love between sales and marketing in your business? Here are 10 tips that will help renew their relationship.

The moms have the checkbooks, why do marketers have no idea what they need or want? Get hip to today’s moms.

Small, medium and big data

Everything You Wanted to Know About Google Analytics Resources for Marketers But Were Afraid to Ask can be found here. Speaking of Google, here are two case studies in the effectiveness of AdWords.

If you haven’t added automation to your marketing program, you’re missing out on something that works for 90 percent of all users.

Management and leadership

brain with tag cloud public domainIt may not be rocket science, but it is science: Christopher Paterson contends that you need to treat your prefrontal cortex nicely if you want to make good business decisions. He offers three steps to accomplish this.

Did you overlook your retirement planning in 2014? Don’t make the same mistake in 2015. Here are some solid small business owner retirement strategies. And in a related story: If you are working beyond “retirement age” or think that it’s a possibility, you need to check out this short video that warns you about some significant traps.

If you’re waiting for imports that have to pass through California ports, it’s been gridlock since mid-January.

Successful marketing to a wide range of cultures is getting more important each day. This Harvard Business Review article outlines a major mistake companies make.

The economy goes up and down (sometimes seemingly the same time) but here’s why your reaction to the rough patches should never impact customer service. And in the spirit of “back to basics”: Be on the lookout for any of these 10 warning signs that there are customer service problems afoot.

Are you setting up or reorganizing your small business? This 12-page PDF will help you select the right legal structure. And if a second location is in your future, here’s a handy guide.

Small business eco-awareness, social responsibility, credit and importing are all important players in this story about the acai berry and one small business.

Whether to start hiring or bring on a partner are two of the biggest decisions small business owners make. Zack Zimmerman explores the scenarios.

Study the successes and failures of these five retailers and you could learn some important lessons. Also, getting client and customer feedback is perhaps the most effective way to improve and grow your business. Here are seven ways to gather that info.

See how VW’s core values have created a passionate following among drivers and apply those lessons to your business.

With Boomers, GenXers and Millennials all on your team, leadership isn’t what it used to be. Here are 11 traits today’s best leaders demonstrate.

Do you have to offer “Organ and Bone Marrow Donor’s Leave”? Make sure your business is in compliance with applicable laws.

Because they understand the customer so well, marketers can play a key role in innovation.

You need to have some serious talks with existing franchise owners if you’re thinking of buying a franchise. Here are three critical questions to discuss.

Entrepreneurism and Startups

These Five Tips on When, Why and How Much to Raise for your startup should help you get the perspective you need…as well as the money.

It looks like it’s time for the handoff: The trend in Boomer entrepreneurship seems to be slowing with age.

It’s a thorny question: What should entrepreneurs get paid when they’re nearly killing themselves trying to get a startup off and running? Here are some answers.

Government, politics and the economy

See who voted for and against America’s Small Business Tax Relief Act of 2015 in the House and follow the bill’s progress at Govtrack. And for the priorities on the Senate side, here’s what the chairman hopes to accomplish.

San Francisco voters passed a $15 minimum wage. When it went into effect, small businesses closed their doors.

A strong economic outlook is prompting CMOs to up their spending levels. The survey shows increased optimism and marketing spending up almost 9 percent. If you need more reasons for small business optimism, a growing number of women entrepreneurs is one of 9 reasons offered here.

In Maryland, Governor Larry Hogan is looking to end personal property (including inventory) tax on about half the state’s small businesses. Meanwhile, in DC a bipartisian group of House members seem to want to remove some tax uncertainties for small businesses.

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