This week in small business: So many productivity tips you’ll be finished yesterday!

We binge on productivity tips and habits in this week’s collection of curated content. Check out our lineup of recommended articles, identify where you’re weak, and find out how to get back in high gear.

Leadership, management, and productivity

Shana Lebowitz at Business Insider asked nine New York City CEOs to share the morning routines that have set them up for success. If those nine routines don’t do it for you, you might need to start saying “no” to these six things, like Kimanzi Constable did.

Could how you’re using one word be causing you your productivity to be going down? Science says there is, according to Peter Gasca and after reading his article, I can appreciate his point.

And as if those aren’t enough tips, how about checking out Michael Guta’s infographic: 9 Habits of Millionaires Any Entrepreneur Can Adopt.

In this MasterCard Biz sponsored post, I cover five vital financial ratios that will make you a Genius small business owner. Does your operation pass the “acid test”?

Continuing on the financial theme, if you’re in a bit of hot water (or red ink), you need to review the advice from Serenity Gibbons on digging your small business out of serious debt.

Jennifer Eden, founder of Tampon Tribe, is the subject of this edition of Laura Emily Dunn’s Women in Business Q&A.

Marketing and sales

Disha Dinesh outlines seven affordable social media tools. We all like “affordable,” don’t we? If seven tools aren’t enough for you,  Alexander Tereshenko includes 10 free online marketing tools in his Helpware blog article.

We officially have our first article looking at 2018 digital marketing trends, so if you want to keep pace, check out Amahl William’s Forbes article.

For anyone selling handmade items, Donna Maria Coles Johnson’s three tips for effectively competing in a crowded market is must reading.

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

Is success all in your mind? If it is, you need to check out Jeff Boss’ article, How to Build the Right Mindset for Startup Success.

Politics, government, and the economy

In his Fortune commentary, Sean Severe outlines what he believes would happen to the economy if undocumented immigrants were to be deported.