This Week in Small Business: Solve the Facebook riddle, manage for successful retirement, and more

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Facebook marketing success seemed to dominate the conversation this week, so if you have a presence there, you should be able to mine some valuable nuggets of information from the links below. There’s also a lot of great “nuts-and-bolts” information on managing your small business.

Marketing and sales

Sometimes breaking the Facebook marketing mystery is like breaking a secret code. These tips should help. And if you do things right, you should be able to find success on Facebook. (It was a huge week for Facebook tips: Here are three more that resonated with readers.)

Never wonder what that “expert” is talking about again with this dictionary of content marketing terms!

You’ll never be successful if you keep making these six marketing mistakes.

If you blog, be sure that you publish posts that search engines love.

Leadership, management and productivity

At the heart of every truly customer-centric product team is excellent customer feedback. Here are four easy ways to collect feedback. And here are five cool things to do with that feedback once you have it!

Are you managing your small business with retirement in mind? Here’s a “how-to” on the subject.

Have you been a little timid about hiring a virtual assistant? This quick guide will help.

Make sure you’re including these two ingredients in your recipe for small business success.

Entrepreneurship, startups and innovation

Chef and entrepreneur Eduardo Garcia lost his forearm and almost his life. But he never lost his sense of humor, which helped make his company the success it is today.

Are you looking to leverage the sharing economy? It could be the future of capitalism.

If you’re on the fence about starting your own small business, this article should give you direction.

To be successful in the future, it looks like you need to know how members of the gig economy think.

Politics, government and the economy

Politics, the Federal Reserve, and new payment options are all shaping small business optimism.

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