This Week in Small Business: Spring Cleaning, Moms, and Many Marketing Tips

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’Tis the season to be spring cleaning (even your financials) and honoring moms everywhere (including those who found million-dollar companies). Add in a passel of marketing tips, and you have enough bedtime reading to last all week.

Leadership, management and productivity

Executive Vice President of Wells Fargo, Lisa Stevens, lays out three tips for giving your small business a financial spring cleaning.

If you want to become big, you need to think big, so here are four things you can learn from big business.

Would you know it if your small business website had been hacked? Just to be sure, read this article.

There’s a lot of activity and competition in the “messenger” arena and Facebook Messenger could be a big deal for customer service purposes.

These are the seven leadership lessons from Star Wars that you’ve been looking for!

Find out what the average credit score is for small businesses and see what it means for you.

Not our favorite subject, but an important one: 4 potential lawsuits to watch out for in small business.

Marketing and sales

Here’s a list of 25 ways to get local people into your business. Start with number one and try them all!

Huyen Truong outlines six simple SEO tips to boost your ranking in Google.

It’s time to stop measuring social media marketing via “vanity metrics.” Graham Gullans, co-founder and COO of LiftMetrix, gives you the single metric you should be watching.

Any improvements in your email marketing will pay significant benefits. Check out these content tips to boost engagement.

Marketing may soon get so personalized that it targets only you, says PR professional Derek Newton. Along those same lines, Dom Nicastro suggests using automation for 1-to-1 customer engagement.

Great copywriting is fundamental to website success. Here are 11 copywriting hacks that should improve your conversions.

Don’t be afraid of marketing metrics. Here are five ways you can master them!

Lindsay Kolowich bravely details the pros and cons of various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Have an hour to spare? If so, try these 15 ways to boost your small business social media marketing.

If your small business marketing planning process is a mess, this article will help you straighten things out.

Entrepreneurship, startups and innovation

Kaitlin Bradley delivers a good essay on how marriage doesn’t mean forgetting your dreams.

Moms rule! And to prove it, check out these 15 moms who founded million-dollar businesses.

Which side of 50 are you? If you’re close to or north of 50, you’ll appreciate these five small business to start after you make the half-century mark.

Founders: Avoid these marketing mistakes startups often make.

Politics, government and the economy

The presidential primary season seems to be making party regular nervous about the outcome. It also seems to be keeping small business owners from expanding.

It looks like we’re in the middle of a two-faced, Jekyll and Hyde economy and how you see it depends on which statistics you prefer to believe are important. Get some clarity in this article.