This Week in Small Business: The post-work economy, mobile marketing for service companies, customer loyalty and more

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Is it possible that tomorrow will see the death of the work-based economy? Ben Schiller seems to think so. But, perhaps of more immediate importance is how you’re leveraging today’s technology to wow your customers and boost their loyalty.

Leadership, management and productivity

Are you delighting your customers through the best use of advanced technology? Check yourself against these four benchmarks.

Any small business owner looking for financing needs to understand how to best use data to get a good loan.

Do you know how “truth and honesty” advertising law impacts your social content? Start by being sure you aren’t making these three huge mistakes.

Your online reputation is priceless. Here are 15 ways to manage it using SEO.

Looking for new apps to help run your small business? This article looks at a wide variety of app categories.

If you ever speak in public, you need to review these five questions before you start to pull together your talk.

Marketing and sales

Is your website ready for that big marketing campaign you’re planning? Here are six ways to prep it.

Intrigue marketing. The name alone sounds, well, intriguing. Read how Neil St. Clair explains it.

Retweets are free, so it’s smart to maximize them. Here are the five fundamentals that will lead to more retweets.

Have an established website? If so, you probably can use these SEO tips.

We all need opt-in forms and here are 10 creative places to put them on your website.

John Rampton gives us four essentials to wring results from our content marketing budgets.

Are you using emojis for anything other than expressing your glee after viewing a Facebook cat video? You should be using them in your marketing. Here are some ways.

Most businesses are services business. Most Internet access is via mobile devices. Therefore, this article on mobile marketing for services businesses will prove to be quite useful!

We know how important video marketing is, so it’s equally important to stay on top of how it’s evolving.

Entrepreneurship, startups and innovation

Want to live the dream? If so, check out these seven ways you can turn your blogging hobby into a real business.

Politics, government and the economy

Have all the economic rules changed? Ben Schiller seems to think so in his article, “Welcome to the Post-Work Economy.

If so many economic indicators have been positive for quite a while, why is there so much anxiety out there? Dave Shaw examines.