This week in small businesses: Experts from all corners of business offer advice

A wide range of voices is heard from in this week’s collection of curated content. Eight members of the Forbes Business Development Council as well as seven members of the Young Entrepreneurs Council are among the contributors of advice.

Leadership, management, and productivity

Laura Emily Dunn covers topics from work-life balance to current career challenges when she talks to Erica Ruliffson Schultz, the executive New Relic VP of worldwide sales responsible for driving the company’s go-to-market strategy globally.

Lara Galloway bills these 10 productivity tips as being for the overwhelmed entrepreneur, but I think any business leader can benefit from them.

Seven members of the Young Entrepreneur Council offer their keys to success in today’s challenging business world.

In this short YouTube video, Jason Swenk answers the question “Should I let my full-time staff freelance on their own time?” and discusses what safety measures to put in place.

Marketing and sales

We cover three great strategies for increasing sales – discounts, deals, and advance access – in this recent Success Tip.

In this Forbes article, Joe Escobedo profiles Julia McCoy and how she attracted $4 million in client revenue through content marketing.

Are you up to speed on the five important 2018 social media trends as outlined by Xavier Selman?

Elevation Advertising’s director of digital strategy, Shade Wilson, offers five ways to kickstart your marketing plan.

How much are you spending on SEO? You might find a way to save a few bucks by perusing Maria Jones’ article, 3 Smart Tactics to Make Your SEO Less Expensive.

Eight members of the Forbes Business Development Council give us ways to measure sales team success and bean counting isn’t one of them.

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

Want startup success? Adopting some of the habits of highly successful founders as chronicled by Brian Wallace is a good place to start.

Matt Monday’s piece is titled The Hidden Steps to Startup Success, but since publishing this, I guess they are hidden no more.

If you’re itching to start an Internet-based business this year, Manish Dudharejia offers three ideas in this article.

Politics, government, and the economy

In How Degree Inflation Weakens The Economy, Preston Cooper, discusses the growth of and problems resulting from demanding college degrees for positions that don’t really require degrees.